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What Was I Thinking // Stefani Capizzi

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Born and raised in New England, my family had a love for many types of music. I experienced 40's and 50's organ music in my maternal grandparent's bar room. My father played folk guitar and his father played jazz guitar. My parent's primarily listened to 60's and 70's music as I was growing up. These influences provided early exposure to something I came to love. Playing guitar and singing. I received my first guitar, a small Yamaha, and began writing songs at age 13.

This became a stabilizing factor in my early life. It helped me navigate through many difficult times. Going forward, I was raising a family for many years and not doing too much musically, but still writing songs. Around 2005, I began to nervously perform at local venues in Vermont. Over time, I became more comfortable with it. Eventually, playing music for people became fun and important to me.

Most of my songs portray a picture of things I was/am going through at the time, or my thoughts on a variety of subjects, usually related to relationships in one way or another.


Artists who have influenced me over the years include: Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt, Patsy Cline, Bob Dylan, Patti Griffin, CSN&Y, Johnny Cash, Nora Jones, Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Nicks, and SO many more.


Unleashing a blend of soul, country, blues, and folk favorites with my guitar and bluesy vocals, I play a mixture of songs, including original creations that will leave you pondering life, love, and bittersweet truths.

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What Was I Thinking 9-30-20Stefani Capizzi
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