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"You were a great fit for us. I am glad you enjoyed your experience at Thayers."

- D.F. Innkeeper

"Great performance last night Stefani....some of those tunes really struck my heart. Thank you. That one image of "Taking your little hand" had me lost thinking of my quickly growing 9-year-old girl. That feeling of her little hand in mine is so treasured....and fleeting! Thanks again....keep honing your skill!"
- EK Burlington Songwriters
"You sounded great last night! "
- D.Yacovone
"Listening to the ever-soothing sounds of Ms. Capizzi and her amazing musical talent. Friends, as y’all know. Ms. Stefani Capizzi and Mr. Keith Williams performed at our wedding and it was a performance not to be forgotten any time soon! If you have the opportunity, please take an evening and see her perform, it’s absolutely worth it!"- C.F.
"On a date with my loving hubby listening to our favorite singer!" - C.F.
"Having Dinner with My Dearest One, while catching one of our favorite local artists, perform like the wonderful Angel that she is! We love you Dear Stefani Capizzi…" - L.H.
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