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Thanks for sharing your songs! I am going to use them on this week's show on Sunday!

~Carrie Henry, Host of The Local Spotlight, 104.7 WNCS The Point FM

Stefani, you're a gifted songwriter! Your song makes me feel extraordinary now! Love the Nashville musicians too!

~Debbie Yacovone, Community member

"Your music was very healing tonight. Thank you 💕"

- C.S.

"Great performance last night Stefani....some of those tunes really struck my heart. Thank you. 
- EK Burlington Songwriters
"You sounded great last night! "
- D.Y.
"Listening to the ever-soothing sounds of Ms. Capizzi and her amazing musical talent. If you have the opportunity, please take an evening and see her perform, it’s absolutely worth it!"- C.F.
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