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Hello beautiful people,

Earlier this year, I received an Artist Development Grant through Vermont Arts Council to create a professional music album/CD.  I’m ever so grateful for funding from Vermont Arts Council, Vermont Community Foundation, and GMG Group. Without it, I wouldn’t have even begun.

I feel very honored to have worked on this album with several very talented individuals, whose contributions helped bring this project to fruition. Their willingness, skill, and creativity made this endeavor even more meaningful. This particular journey has been a labor of love for me, from the time spent writing and composing, to the time spent in recording studios, and the time spent building out instrumentation with other artists. I also gained a deeper appreciation for the crucial role of the mixing/mastering engineer.

The songs I’ve chosen for this CD, titled Here for a While, are ones I’ve written over the years, with the newest one (This Wall) landing at the end of it. I hope you’ll make it to that one.


I’m donating 50% of all proceeds from sales of physical CDs to addiction recovery services in Lamoille
County, Vermont. Specifically:

North Central Vermont Recovery Center

Jenna’s Promise

Many of you know I’m a person in long-term recovery from alcoholism. I’ve got no problem saying that. I have a great life. There are people who struggle with their addictions every day, and also people who are no longer here because of their addictions. Additionally, there are many others who have been in long-term recovery, and continue to be a beacon of light for so many.

I don’t know what you know about the two organizations I’ve noted above, but I can tell you this; They both give people a place to start, a place to stand, and a place to repair and flourish. This very
much includes support for families and loved ones of those who struggle with addictions - to drugs and alcohol or anything else.


Please visit these organizations and learn about the many ways they are here to help build up individuals, families, and communities.

Check them out!

North Central Vermont Recovery Center:

Jenna’s Promise:

The individuals who contributed to this music project
In alphabetical order.....

Carrie Cook: CD cover design

Charlie Frazier: harmonica (Change)

Colin McCaffrey: bass, shaker, recording, mixing (Dreaming About You)

Dave Langevin: keyboard (Bittersweet Truth)

Kristina Stykos: bass, recording, mixing (Anymore, Change)

Lisa Mugford: CD cover photo

Matt Scott: bass (Anymore, Bittersweet Truth) Mixed all songs,

with the exception of Dreaming About You.

Mastered ALL songs.

Mike Wilson: lead guitar (Where My People Are, Bittersweet Truth, This Wall)

Perry Heller: drums (Anymore, Where My People Are, This Wall)

Sam Guihan: bass (Where My People Are, Bittersweet Truth, This Wall)

Wesley Turner: recording (Where My People Are, Bittersweet Truth, This Wall)

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